Booking apartments in Cherkasy
1) After you make a prepayment it means that an apartment in Cherkassy is reserved. Until that time an apartment in Cherkassy is free and can be offered to another client.
2) If you cancel your reservation or change the dates of your stay (dates of arrival at a later date or an earlier departure), deposit made for an apartment in Cherkassy is not refundable.
3) If the company «Cherkassy Rent» for whatever reason can not provide the reserved apartment , the company is committed to providing the equivalent flat or an apartment to a higher quality at a specified price (precondition) and pay the prepayment penalty in the amount of the daily cost of living in an apartment booked in Cherkassy.
4) The remaining amount is paid on the day of settlement. Upon check in the apartment you have to pay cash deposit equal to the cost of daily living in the apartment for the keys and property. Deposits is returned upon departure and surrender the keys to the apartment Cherkassy. In the case of damage to property, you must pay the full cost of the damage.
5) Apartments for rent in Cherkassy can be booked by phone or through the online reservation form, which is located at the bottom of each page description of the apartment.

Booking form

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